640 Kelloggs Points!

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I'm always looking for ways to save money. Whether it be with collecting codes off things I buy, using a certain card to get rewards, or scanning my groceries to redeem points. If I'm buying these items anyways, what's 5 minutes out of my day to practice ways to save money and redeem free gifts?

Have you been collecting your Kellogg s codes for points? If you aren't you should probably start now. (Go on, go register and make an account!) I don't know how long this promotion lasts, but you can go on Google and search for codes that people are willing to share, that haven't expired yet. That's how I started. I thought, I'll just keep an eye out for other people's codes. hehe. 
I snagged a few and that gave me a pretty good head start, but Shaw's is having a Kellogg's sale, so I took advantage of that, and as I'm sitting at the computer this morning, I remember that there are codes inside each box! I wanted to share the ones I just redeemed! I hope you are able to redeem them, too! 

7/8/2013Froot Loops80G7NV-JPL9-MJ9G-JKGC
7/8/2013Froot Loops80XFC7-YM7G-3XNH-TL7Y
7/8/2013Raisin Bran80NMN4-K5TL-YFYW-TKX7
7/8/2013Special K Protein Bars160LZN6-GJLM-HNGZ-RR4R
7/8/2013Raisin Bran80NMN4-K5TK-YFYY-TK6P
7/8/2013Corn Pops10031LX-N8FH-GVNF-LWN5

And please, let's help each other out, if there are any codes you have recently redeemed, I'd love for you to leave them in the comments! Thanks!~

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