Budgeting 101 Part 2

Hey guys!

I've been reading a couple of books that I got from the library (America's Cheapest Family and David Ramsey's Total Money Makeover). They've totally helped me in figuring out my budget and ways to save! I totally recommend reading them. (David Ramsey is a little religious in his books, but his ideas are prime.). 

Here are some tips I picked up along the way:

Shopping for Groceries:
-Plan menus and list on what's on sale in the flyers.
-Review coupons to see which can be paired with a sale item.
-Label dry goods with month and year.
-You can freeze bread, cheese and milk. Bread-carefully stored to avoid crushing. Cheese- shredded is easier to freeze. Milk-should be poured off a little to allow expansion.
-Try stretching purchases to two weeks.

Meal Planning
-Take stock (make a list) of what is in pantry and fridge in these categories-breakfast, lunch, and dinner (breakfast also includes baking items ex. flour, cinnamon, other spices, etc.)
-Then check what's on sale (not all items will be used in the meal plan for the week).
-Bad ad day-no great sales-look up other recipes to use sale items in.
-Use leftovers.

-Clip coupons you want and pass on the rest to someone else.
-See if people will save their coupons for you.
-Use categories to organize coupons. For example-frozen foods, personal care, cleaning products, dairy, cereal, snack foods and paper products. 
-Making a price book will also help 
-Get chubs of meat and have them slice it at the deli.
-Play the market-shop at different stores in your area.
-Clip coupons for categories or items that you normally purchase.
-Buy a freezer; don't buy from store-ask friends or family to be on the lookout.
-Stock up when things are on sale items that store well.
-Eat leftovers.
-Learn what fruits and veggies are in season and only purchase at their lowest prices.

-It takes dedication.
-Record every expense.
-Mark which account it's coming from.
-Both you and your partner (if you have one) need to work on it.
-Redo it once a month or every pay period. For example I get paid every two weeks.

That's all I have for now, until next time! If you guys have any questions, let me know!

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