Do You Enter Giveaways? A Warning.

If you're coming across this page and you haven't read my When To Call Someone Out Online post, I suggest you do. Other wise, this post is going to sound like slander.

Have you ever entered in a giveaway and won? Contacted the sponsor, (the person who has promised you this prize and in charge of sending it out), and then got flat out ignored, with no intention of sending a prize out? 

That happened to me this year. I won a $50 Target Gift Card sponsored by HandBags & Handguns and after many failed attempts to contact her privately  I decided to go more public. Like the Facebook pages and this blog post.

I don't want anyone else to have to go through the disappointment that I want through. 

So A Warning: I won a gift card that Misty never intended on sending. So caution before entering any giveaways from this site:
Handbags & Handguns: website, facebook, twitter, beware.

And please don't be discouraged from entering other giveaways from other bloggers. We aren't all liars. Most of us are genuine  thoughtful people who really appreciate the time you take to visit our blogs. 

Thank you.


  1. Unfortunately this has happened to me many times where I wouldn't feel so bad if a blogger would just respond to my emails. (and I am speaking of winning on a blog giveaway as well) I had 1 giveaway I won where after many attempts, I contacted the sponsor only to find out, they sent prize directly to blogger to pass on. When I mentioned this to her, once again, no response. So, although most are legit, there are some that don't care and are plain rude. I am not a blogger but if I were, I'd never ignore my followers and would always attempt to follow through with their wins. Most will do that to find out the PR person quit and they need another. But, there are several who choose to ignore their followers. I have chose to not follow those blogs anymore. I am sorry this has happened to you. I also had several for ties that although many won, the company that I wrote to, told me they apologized and would send out...NOT! They're out there so thanks for the update on this one.

  2. wow, that's awful. And you're right, it wouldn't have been so bad if they would have at least attempted to contact me back. But deliberately deleting my posts is like getting a slap in the face. -S