Rainbow Lovers - Before and After #wordlesswednesday

Happy hump day!! WOOHOO!! I feel like the camel on that commercial! 

Looking through photos you've taken can bring out inspiration to merge, cut and create new photos. Photo manipulation is something I take a special interest in. I'm proud to show off what I have done. Every thing I've learned is self taught and I'm proud to say I've definitely come a long way from when I first started messing around in Photoshop. 

The photo above is of the bride and groom during their first dance. While I love the look, I didn't like the background.

Then it poured for a brief few minutes and brought out this beautiful rainbow! I love how the tops of the trees have a glow!~

This is what the photo looks like before my inspiration took over. While this is still a beautiful photo, I had to take it a step further.

What do you think?

Hence the title, rainbow lovers!

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