When To Call Someone Out Online

Calling Someone Out Online: This is something I try my hardest 

to stay away from. Talking bad about someone or a business can really hurt a person or their livelihood. I try not to put anyone's name online when I feel I have to vent about something and I try not to put anything online that indirectly calls them out either. I usually stick to open quotes and a light vent that technically could apply to anyone.

But what happens when you are wronged online, and there's nothing you can do about it? What happens when you win a giveaway on a blog (a $50 Gift Card), and they out right ignore you like they never sponsored the giveaway? I truly struggled with this one. Do I call them out publicly? When is the right time? How many chances should I give them before I do? 

What was the ultimate decision? After a few failed attempts of contacting them via email, and Facebook messages I sought their Facebook page. At this point, I know my prize ain't happenin, but now I was on a new mission. A mission to warn other bloggers that this person is giving other, honest, hard working bloggers a bad name. So I left a message on her Facebook page for all to see that I had won that giveaway and that she has failed to contact me on several attempts.
The next day, I noticed she had deleted my messages. So at that point, I KNOW she was flat out ignoring me and I was a little harsher in my Facebook page post that I tagged her in. 

Now, here is a warning to all other bloggers and readers and to those who enter giveaways and put your trust into us. 

You will probably run into blogs that will do this to you at some point. Please don't lose faith in those who are still true. I know a ton of bloggers who are decent hard working people, and they (and I) really appreciate the time you take to read our blogs and enter in our giveaways. This is the first time I've run into a problem like this and I've been blogging since 2007 and entered in a TON of giveaways. I've also won some pretty neat things! 

So don't lose faith, and try not to post slander and give people a bad name online. But if you really are owed something, and you have attempted several times to keep it a private matter, perhaps you should think about warning others, too.

Before I got Pinocchio'd!

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