Back to School-College

Hey guys!
It's officially back to school season! My new roommate just moved in (I've been living on campus all summer) and the other two move in tomorrow. It's got me thinking about my last (hopefully!) school year (until grad school whenever I go!). I intend to make this a great year with a million things piled on.

-internship (16 hours a week!) 
-two jobs

I literally have to plan my life out. (If you want to get together, let me pencil it in!) I guess it's a hint at how my life will be like in the future as a licensed social worker (again hopefully!). 

I do have some tips for the newbies entering college.

  • Learn to cook in a microwave. The dining hall food isn't that great and you'll be itching for a nice homemade meal soon. There are tons of websites and cookbooks that can give you recipes. (Pinterest!) 
  • Find out if you actually need the textbook for a class. If you don't, you don't have to worry about paying for textbooks. If you do, look on amazon or chegg (to rent). The school's bookstores are usually high in price and getting them used is super easy!
  • Set boundaries with your roommates. You'll have issues with them and you'll want to work them out. Setting boundaries will definitely help keep some issues off your radar. 
  • Do your homework. Obviously you know this, but homework in college is a lot harder then homework in high school. So you'll want to take the time. However you study, do it as often as possible and you'll get awesome grades.
  • Check out the different activities the college offers-sports, classes (there are a ton of athletic classes, art classes, cooking classes, etc that are fun!), programs offered by the RAs (free food or trips to places around the college). You especially want to look into free stuff because where else will you get these awesome offers for free?
  • Manage your money well. I didn't do that that and ended up poorer by the end of the semester waiting for the next refund. 

These are some tips that I can think of. My brain is still not in school mode so I'm not thinking as great as I can be! Next week maybe!

I hope you all are having a fantastic labor day! 

Let me know if you have any questions!



  1. Ooo, back to school. :) I loved when it was time for the kid to go back, finally some free time for me. YAY!

    I went to college later in life than most, didn't live on campus but had to mix college life/schedule with being a wife, mom, maid, cook, and working 2 jobs. I did learn a few tricks like you've mentioned here. One thing I'd add to your terrific list is: learn to take good notes in class. I made up a short hand for mine. Like a period for the word 'the'. Basically, I was writing then like people do now in text messages. U for you. R for are. Etc. It speeds things up so you don't feel that inner pressure that maybe you're not getting everything. Paying attention in class usually tells you exactly what you need to study. :) Also, if you're fast enough, or know the book list, you can often sign them out at the library. Bonus!

    Good post. Keep up the good work, Liz. :)

  2. Awesome thanks for the tips! Enjoy that free, quiet time!