Biker Charged After SUV Gang Assault, Says He's Not Responsible

Christopher Cruz is one of the motorcyclists that was involved in the beating of a father in front of his wife and 2 year old. 

Of course he says he's not responsible. Anything to get him out of trouble. I'm a big believer in you are who you hang out with. You can obviously tell by watching this video that the other biker involved is not sorry as he flips people off in the court room.
Cruz says he rode his bike in front of the SUV and was trying to look around at a friend, not slow the vehicle down, but that really makes no sense. His body language really doesn't support what he's saying and why did he feel the need to ride in front of a moving vehicle to check on his friend instead of riding around the back of the SUV?
The fact that this guy can't even make eye contact at first tells me he feels guilty about something. If they all were really worried about their friend, they would have stayed behind with him, not continue to chase the SUV. Yea he definitely seems well versed, but I don't think the courts will fall for it... What do you think?

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