Father with family in SUV chased and beaten by bikers

Did you hear about the car chase that involved 20-30 bikers and a family in an SUV in Manhattan, New York a couple days ago?
Apparently the bikers got mad when the driver called 911 to report an unauthorized bike rally and they decided to chase him down the road with his wife and two year old in the vehicle.
At one point, the SUV does come to a stop, and one of the bikers tries to run up to the vehicle. The SUV then takes off, clipping one of the bikers and apparently breaking his legs and injuring his spine. 

The bikers continue to chase the SUV. 
The video shows the bikers riding on all sides, slowing down in front of the SUV to get them to a stop.  The SUV is forced to stop and one of the bikers runs up to the vehicle and tries to open the door. The SUV takes off again, clipping another biker.

The chase continues until they get the SUV to stop again, and then one of the bikers smashes the window with his helmet and starts beating the man in front of his family.

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Now the wife of one of the bikers that was run over is claiming that her husband was a victim in this situation and that the driver of the SUV should be charged with wreck-less driving.

Wife: Biker husband is victim in NYC altercation

That he was only getting off his bike to help another biker who had been clipped.

I'm sorry, but if I were in the father's position, I would have run people over to get my family out of danger also! I would be so mad if he's charged with anything. And frankly, it worries me that these bikers are going to get away with it because it sounds like they have good lawyers.

Motorcyclist charged in New York attack on SUV driver is released on bail

Motorcyclist Denies Any Role in Assault on SUV Driver

What do you think? Should the driver be liable?

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