30 Day Eat Clean Challenge - Day 4

This is what I've been working on. I could have waited until the 1st of February to start but I figured I would give myself a little wiggle room in case I wasn't able to complete a goal for the day. 

30 Day Challenge, Day 3

So I had a good plan, to follow these 30 day challenges for the month of February, but it's great when something better becomes available. A couple ladies from work invited me to exercise with them after work each day using a kettle ball. I had never used one before and was very excited to learn!

I skipped the morning routine so I wasn't killing myself and just did some light stretching to start my day. 

The United States is Under Chemical Attack!

English: Radio host and documentary film maker...
English: Radio host and documentary film maker Alex Jones (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Alex Jones talks about the modification of our foods, all for the purpose of controlling the population. This is what we are eating and feeding our children! Watch this 20 minute video to see what the government has been doing for a long time, and what foods to stay away from.

Jay Z Brings a 12 Year Old Rapper On Stage

Jay Z brings 12 year old rapper on stage to rap a couple verses after spotting him in the crowd holding a sign that read "Can I rap for you?"
He gets a little nervous in the beginning, starting to rap at 0:30 in the video. 

Road Rage

Road Rage. We've all seen it. Some of us have experienced it. Some of us know it can get pretty scary and it's really nothing you should try to face. 
If you go on Youtube, you can see plenty of road rage compilations. It's insane the amount of videos that show beat downs and attacks because someone loses their temper on something that could be as small as a person driving too slow.

Happy New Year!

I have to admit, life has been hectic for the past few months. It seems I had so much energy to get things done a few months ago and then something happened around October and I started feeling more depressed and tired all of the time. 
I felt overwhelmed with all the things I had trying to juggle and we had just moved into our cabin on the lake and was still getting adjusted to that. All in all, I'm glad the holidays are over and I'm hoping to get out of the funk, start feeling energized, and hopefully have more time for the things I've been wanting to do. Blogging being one of them. 

This blog has changed so much over the past few years. It started out as a child care blog, went to deals and savings, and is now a personal blog. An area for me to vent and get better with my writing skills. I still want to be able to blog when I have children, and I'm determined to keep blogging until then.
I appreciate those who read my blog and have been since i've started. I look forward to hearing your thoughts this year and I hope every one has a smooth start to 2014!