30 Day Challenge, Day 3

So I had a good plan, to follow these 30 day challenges for the month of February, but it's great when something better becomes available. A couple ladies from work invited me to exercise with them after work each day using a kettle ball. I had never used one before and was very excited to learn!

I skipped the morning routine so I wasn't killing myself and just did some light stretching to start my day. 

My 30 day eat clean challenge yesterday was to give up one of my major vices. My biggest problem when it comes to eating right is not eating after 7pm.
After work, I joined the ladies and worked with the kettle ball for about 30 minutes. It's crazy how much having a 10lb weight makes the difference. There were moves that I thought were going to be easy, but with the weight made it difficult, and then a few moves I thought were going to be so hard, but ended up being easier. Like crunches become easier with the kettle ball because you can use the weight to help you sit up easier.

The evening was difficult. I ate dinner around 5:30 and around 7 I started getting a craving for cereal. I talked myself out of it and focused on getting ready for bed by 7:30. So yay! Hopefully I can keep it up. The weekends will be the true test.

Today, my eat clean challenge is to drink 2-3 liters of water a day. I'm already averaging 3 to 4 (500ml) water bottles a day. Which means if 500ml=.5liters, I need to be drinking at least 6 bottles a day.. wow..

I'm very sore, and walking up the stairs poses a challenge. But I'm determined to do this. Round 2 with the ladies this afternoon, if my legs don't give out before then! hahaha

Have you ever used a kettle ball? Any advice? What's your favorite moves to do with yours?

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