Road Rage

Road Rage. We've all seen it. Some of us have experienced it. Some of us know it can get pretty scary and it's really nothing you should try to face. 
If you go on Youtube, you can see plenty of road rage compilations. It's insane the amount of videos that show beat downs and attacks because someone loses their temper on something that could be as small as a person driving too slow.
I remember driving down the road and having someone come up and try to merge into me, forcing my vehicle into on coming traffic, who knows what for. At that point, I should have let him pass and ignored it, but instead, I got behind him, and turned my high beams on and beeped at him, cussing him out. Next thing I know, he slams his breaks on in the middle of the road and jumps out, screaming at me. AGAIN, at this point, I should not have gotten out of the car to scream back. I'm lucky that it didn't escalate worse from there. We just yelled at each other and got back in our cars and drove away, but my adrenaline was so high at that point. My boyfriend was so mad at me and told me I was lucky. I had no idea how bad road rage could be. How bad that situation could have escalated. As mad as I was, that situation was nothing.

I've done some stupid things behind the wheel. I was running late for work one morning and passed a logging truck on a double solid line and ended up cutting my boss off. I was so embarrassed and it was really stupid of me. All because I was running late. 

Another time, I was riding someone's ass because I was running late for work, and they threw on their turning signal, but I didn't have enough time to react because I was so close that I hit a patch of black ice and did a 360o spin in the middle of a busy highway. I can't believe I didn't end up in a ditch that morning or hitting another vehicle!

All these situations could have ended up so different now that I look back and think about the position I put myself into. People are crazy, but the only person you can control is yourself and your reaction. I bet a lot of you can look back in your own personal outcomes and see that you could have done something different to change a situation. 

 I'd love to hear from you.
Have you experienced road rage before? 

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