30 Day Eat Clean Challenge - What's new

No, I haven't fizzled out and dropped this challenge. I'm just taking my time and pacing myself so I don't shock my body with too many new routines. Let's see, what's new?
I've noticed I drink about 4-5 bottles of water a day when I work around people who try to do it also. So for me, that's Monday-Wednesday and then I struggle with keeping up with it the rest of the week. I'm trying..

I couldn't master eating a bunch a meals a day. I felt so guilty about that but started doing the research and it says as long as you are getting your calorie intake and staying active, it shouldn't matter how many meals you have. whether it  be 3 or 6. I do however find myself starting to get hungry sometimes and I'll grab organic peanut butter and an apple.
Reading over this calendar has helped me change my diet tons and I haven't even done half of these. It says try to have a protein and carb at every meal and I do. Which has me leaning towards more healthy choices anyways instead of chips and fatty foods.

I'm not sure how much of the rest I can do, but I'm slowly switching out the foods I eat for healthier choices. I'm currently working on eating breakfast within an hour of getting up. Switching the white with whole grains is a little more challenging because I'm also trying to convince the other two members of my family to switch also. After all, what's the point of cooking for one all of the time? It just doesn't make sense for so many reasons.

I finally joined the gym and have been exercising every day for at least 30 minutes. I'm very excited that I've been able to keep up with it.
I have however developed a craving for iced coffee... which I used to hate.. what's up with that? 

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