I'm Not A Fan Of The Olympics..

Combination photo shows Sochi, Russia in February 2007, bottom, prior to construction of Olympic venues, and the new Olympic Park venue in August, top, for the 2014 Winter Games.Mikhail Mordasov and Maxim Marmur, AFP/Getty Images

Change is good, right? Not all the time. Not when residents are being forced out of their homes for a must have brand new Olympic stadium. And the residents who still live in their homes have damage caused from massive construction trucks barreling through daily. 
I couldn't imagine living somewhere and being happy my entire life only to be treated this way when I'm too old to do anything about it. That's what's happening to a lot of people right now over in Sochi, Russia. 
73-year-old Nadezhda Kuharenko called the land around her house "paradise" before the construction started. Now, the trucks make it sound like earthquakes, leaving cracks in her walls, and leaks in her roof. With her pension being about $200 a month, it's not nearly enough to fix any of the damage, let alone food, health, and clothing costs.
The residents have been dealing with this since the construction started in 2009.

Oleg Kharchenko, chief architect of Olympstroi, defended the building by commenting on how much of an eye sore it was and how they are building a new city.
Kuharenko calls it "paradise" he calls it "a bog with ram-shackled buildings".

Ever heard of the saying; 'One persons trash is another person's treasure'? So what if their houses needed work, these people were happy with the land, the view, and the quiet. Instead their homes get demolished, their personal belongings ruined, their memories forgotten, and these people get shoved into new homes as if that makes up for it all.
Now, because of the Olympics, it will be goodbye to peaceful, simple living, and hello to tourists, no quiet, and more crime.

I totally agree with some of the comments made, like this one;
They should prioritize the welfare of their own citizens rather than showing off to other countries. - Eula Budd 

  • Do you think this is wrong or do you believe that their change was inevitable?

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