He said: There's the same amount of Vitamin C as Orange Juice" ..

Ah hem... No, I'm sorry, but that isn't true. As soon as I heard that statement, I started my research. Boy is it hard to come across proper information. First of all, I stayed away from the V8 website. Of course they are going to tell  you that it's healthy for you. I want the truth though.
I couldn't find any information to compare the two but then again, each brand is different.

The American Parasite - 250 Million Americans Infected

This information is scary and true! I've been doing research and talking to therapists about it.

I urge you to watch this 30 minute video and educate yourself so that you can get healthier! Find out why it's been so hard to lose weight! And find out what the corporations didn't want you to know!
The government is finally admitting this is real! 

Please looks passed the probiotics and keybiotics that it is trying to tell you to take. I'm still doing that research on which is the right cleanse, but everything else in this video is spot on.

I have not been paid to blog about this. These are my own opinions and opinions of colon therapists and nutritionists that I've been talking to.