He said: There's the same amount of Vitamin C as Orange Juice" ..

Ah hem... No, I'm sorry, but that isn't true. As soon as I heard that statement, I started my research. Boy is it hard to come across proper information. First of all, I stayed away from the V8 website. Of course they are going to tell  you that it's healthy for you. I want the truth though.
I couldn't find any information to compare the two but then again, each brand is different.

I did however learn a lot more about juices, and the process it takes to put juice in a bottle. What concentrate really means and what brands to stay away from vs. ones to buy instead. I now also have a new favorite website to check out. And apparently I should buy different orange juice. hehe

But anyways, I wanted to share the website I came across.

Vani started Foodbabe in 2011 to share information about what is really in the American food supply. Foodbabe has been featured on TV Shows like Dr. Oz, NBC, CNN, and more. She has also held petitions against certain companies to try and get them to remove harmful products. This woman is really trying to make a difference. Add her on facebook, check out her website! See what she's been doing for us!

You may not know who I am, but thank you Vani so much for your hard work! 

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