The "D" Word

I'm probably going to get a lot of scrutiny for what I'm about to say, but I have never been one to understand depression. In my personal opinion, depression is a state of mind that you can easily put yourself in. It's easy to be unhappy and it's your responsibility to try to find positives in life to look towards and make life seem a little better. I have been diagnosed with depression for a long time but am lucky enough that I found ways to cope without medication.

Now that I'm pregnant the mood swings I go through are a lot. I'm getting a taste first hand what it feels like to have no control over my emotions. I feel like that awkward teenager from high school again who was far from having anything figured out. Although now, I'm better at psycho analyzing myself.

I've been very bitchy the past week and wanting to sleep a lot. Even when I'm not tired, I prefer to lay down over anything I used to like doing. When I didn't even want to listen to music, which is usually the one thing that I always love, I knew it might be something a little more than 'just tired'. I'm indecisive, moody, and my poor husband... lol

I have an appt today and I'm hoping to ask about it. 

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