Freebies For New and Expecting Moms

Are you pregnant? 
Did you know you could earn free things/coupons/deals?

I'm all about saving money and finding the best deals and let's face it, having a child is going to increase your expenses so why not start looking at how to save money now?

Here's what you do:

Sign up with Zola to create a registry.
It's not just for weddings, plenty of people use zola for baby registries. Out of all the registries, I chose zola because it was easy for me to add things from other sites. For every friend who creates a registry using my link, they'll give us both $50 to spend on Zola


NEXT, Sign up with Target registries to get a bunch of free samples and coupons!
(here's my FB post I wrote when I got mine!)

It doesn't have to be a registry with a lot of thought, just make it look like it's completed by throwing things up there and you should qualify for your welcome bag! 


If you are lucky enough to qualify for WIC, you must know that you will still have to buy formula out of pocket.

If you choose to breast feed, good for you! I would still sign up for these things JUST IN CASE.
I would rather be prepared than need something last minute and stress. So sign up for this and start getting coupons in the mail. Even if you choose not to use these, you could help someone else who has to pay out of pocket.


Join these three sites for savings on diapers and wipes:




I have benefited more from the pampers site than the other two.


Join the Pampers Gifts to Grow program
Every time you buy a box of Pampers, look for the code inside the box and enter it into the website. Those points can be saved up and later redeemed for diapers, baby food, and toys.


Sign up for the StrongMoms program.
Similac offers all kinds of goodies when you sign up for its StrongMoms program.


FREE Magazine
Sign up for a free monthly subscription of American Baby magazine! Get parenting and pregnancy tips shipped right to your door. No shipping fees or obligations to purchase.


Hope you enjoy these freebies! Feel free to share this page with new and expecting moms! 


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